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All Candy tree products have the pink logo with the thumb. The logo indicates that the product concerned doesn't contain any colourants. Not even colourants of natural origin.

But Candy Tree sweets do have colours?
The natural colours of the Candy Tree sweets originate for 100% from the used ingredients. Like for example red and yellow, from the concentrated fruit juices, brown from the cacao powder, gold from the maple syrup and black from the molasses and liquorice root extract. The colours of the Candy Tree packaging we made even more cheerful and expressive though. But fortunately, you won't eat those!


No other artificial additives either.
In fact we do not use any chemicals to bind, harden or soften, or preserve. So the thumb up actually means: OK; 100% natural!


Organic guarantee = no additives nor colourants.
Most people think that organic means in the first place, that no artificial manure, poison or gene technology has been used. But organic is also a guarantee, that no colourants or other chemicals have been used in the preparation of the candy. That feels good, because then you know what you eat: 100% natural!

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